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Screen Repair that is Easier than Do-It-Yourself

Your screen doors are bound to get damaged. They get constant use in good weather, and if you are like us, a bit of snow hits them before you remember to take them out, too. Fixing them can be a hassle, so why do it yourself when The Glass Guys are just a call away? We can repair any screen door that you have. We can also custom fit and install a brand new door to replace your old one. When choosing a screen door, keep in mind the type of lifestyle that you lead, as well as the aesthetics and construction of your home.

To book an appointment with The Glass Guys, call or email us and we can set you up with our first available opening. (419) 625-2500.

Types of Screen Doors Available from The Glass Guys

• Aluminum
• Fiberglass screening
• Heavy duty
• Hinged doors

• Pet screening
• Retractable
• Sliding doors

The Glass Guys Do Windows

Windows are one of the parts of your house that you rarely think about. Until something goes wrong. When that happens, a call or email to The Glass Guys in Sandusky, OH, should be the first action that you take. They have years of experience with cutting glass and installing windows in homes and businesses.

How to Choose Your New Windows with The Glass Guys

Step 1

Pick a style- The two most popular window styles are double-hung and casement.

• Double-hung windows are what most people picture when they think of residential windows. They are traditional windows that slide up and down.

• Casement windows are like a small door that you open with a crank. They tend to be more airtight because the sash locks against the frame. Casement windows are useful for areas that may be harder to reach, such as over a sink.

Step 2

Pick a frame material- There are pros and cons to any frame material, so choose carefully.

• Wood is the classic window. However, it does require upkeep.

• Vinyl is less expensive than wood, but not available in all colors.

• Fiberglass is less common, so it will give your house a unique look, but it is not as weather resistant.

Step 3

Decide if you want extras and features

• Insulated windows are great for Ohio’s weather extremes.

• Laminated glass may be a good idea for children’s rooms, because of safety.

• Tempered glass is important in the areas of the home where temperature fluctuates.

Step 4


• This one is easy: Let The Glass Guys do it for you!

Commercial Glass Services from The Glass Guys

• Commercial Store Fronts
• Commercial Framing
• Door Replacement

• Glass Etching
Insulated Glass Units
LED Mirror Signs

Residential Glass Services from The Glass Guys

• Custom Frameless Showers
LED Mirrors
• Laminated Glass
• Lexan
• Mirror Units
• Picture Frame Glass Parts

• Plate Glass Fronts
• Plexiglass
• Replacement Units
Screen Repair Framing
Tempered Glass
• Windows