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Tempered Glass products

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Tempered Glass Lends Safety and Strength

Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is a special type of glass designed for safety and strength. Tempered glass is thermally and chemically treated during production so that it has compressive stress built into it. This results in two things:

1. It makes the glass stronger. Tempered glass will not break as easily as plate glass.

2. If it does break, tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces, which are less likely to cause injury than plate glass.

When plate glass breaks, the pieces are larger, and have sharp edges that may cause injury, such as deep cuts. Tempered and heat-strengthened glass can be three to seven times stronger than annealed or plate glass. For additional protection, call or email The Glass Guys, and ask about our glass laminating process: (419) 625-2500.

Uses for Tempered Glass

Because of its safety and strength, tempered glass can be used in a wide range of applications, including the following:

• Athletic facilities
• Architectural glass doors
• Balcony doors
• Bars and pubs
• Bulletproof glass
• Cabinets
• Computer towers or cases
• Diving masks
• Drinkware

• Elevators
• Facades
• Fire department access panels
• Fireplace doors
• Frameless glass doors
• Large windows and picture windows
• Passenger vehicle windows
• Plates
• Refrigerator trays

• Replacement glass
• Shelves
• Shower doors
• Skylights
• Sliding doors
• Structurally loaded applications
• Swimming pools
• Tables

Commercial Glass Services from The Glass Guys

• Commercial Store Fronts
• Commercial Framing
• Door Replacement

• Glass Etching
Insulated Glass Units
LED Mirror Signs

Residential Glass Services from The Glass Guys

• Custom Frameless Showers
• Laminated Glass
LED Mirrors
• Lexan
• Mirror Units
• Picture Frame Glass Parts

• Plate Glass Fronts
• Plexiglass
• Replacement Units
Screen Repair Framing
• Tempered Glass